Hluhluwe. River rising in the Nongoma district and flowing east through Hlabisa into Lake St Lucia. The name is derived from the Zulu word for a type of creeper growing on the riverbanks, bobbejaantou in Afrikaans (Dalbergia armata).

Town close to Hluhluwe

Hlabisa Village between the Hluhluwe and Umfolozi game reserves, some 40 km north-west of Mtubatuba. Named after the Hlabisa tribe of Zulus.

St Lucia town – Freshwater lagoon some 10 km east of Hluhluwe.  1 h 25 min (71,8 km) via R618 and N2. The northern part of it falls within a restricted missile range. The name is derived from Santa Lucia, given by Portuguese explorers in 1507.

Mtubatuba – some 55 km south-south-west of Hluhluwe and 28 km west of St Lucia. Administered by a health committee since 1950. The name, formerly spelt Matubatuba, is Zulu and is said to mean ‘creator of opportunities’, referring to a chief of the Mtetwa tribe who died in 1954.