The Fezile Dabi District Municipality was established following the local government elections in December 2000. The district Municipality was established as a category C municipality in terms of the Provincial Gazette issued in December 2000. The Municipality was established with a council of 32 members as the Executive Mayoral type of a municipality.

Fezile Dabi District Municipality consist of an Executive Mayor, Municipal Manager, Speaker of the Municipality and is structured politically into six portfolio committees and administratively into six departments to ensure that the vision, strategy objectives of the District Municipality are achieved.

Fezile Dabi District Municipality Contact details

John Vorster Road
P.O Box 10
Sasolburg, 1947
Tel: +27 [16] 970 8600

Fezile Dabi District Tourism

  • Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site The Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site, declared a heritage site by UNESCO in 2005, came about in a matter of minutes an estimated 2 billion years ago when an asteroid that hit the earth, with the resultant rock formation today mainly between Parys, Vredefort and an adjacent part of North West Province spanning some 10 km in diameter. As such it is the largest known impact structure on earth.
  • Eco-tourism at the Ghoya Africa conservancy situated on the R34 ± 12 km south of Heilbron en route to Edenville and the Francolin Creek Conservancy situated approximately 30 km east of Heilbron
  • Two luxurious golf estates, private game ranches and nature reserves in the Parys region
  • Deneysville at the Vaal Dam, hosts the biggest annual inland regatta, the Round the Island Race – on the 300 km² sprawling Vaal Dam.


The chemical complex at Sasolburg is the economic driver in the district, which shares a border with Gauteng province along the Vaal River. The town of Heilbron is another important industrial centre and Frankfort does important agricultural processing work. Kroonstad is the district’s second-largest town and has a number of engineering works and a railway junction. A new kraft paper factory has been planned for Frankfort.

A good proportion of South Africa’s grain crop is sourced from this district and when the vast fields of sunflowers and cosmos flowers are in bloom, a marvellous vista is created. The Vaal River presents opportunities for yachting, rafting and resort-based enterprises. Parys is a charming town and Vredefort is home to a World Heritage site – the Vredefort Dome where a meteor crashed to earth.

Fezile Dabi District Municipality is the biggest contributor towards the provincial GDP, contributing approximately 35% (Global Insight, 2013). Curiously, it should be highlighted that the situational analysis of the province revealed that Fezile Dabi’s contribution towards employment in the province is far lower than its share towards provincial output (Fezile Dabi District Municipality Integrated Development Plan 2012-2017), and this could mean that Fezile Dabi is performing well below its potential.

The Fezile Dabi area is mostly dominated by the industrial prowess harnessed by Sasol, with the manufacturing of refined petroleum, coke and chemical products adding largely to its GDP. The establishment of ChemCity, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sasol, has also added a business incubator that allows SMMEs to feed off and diversify from the opportunities that prevail due to the energy consortium operating in the area.

Fezile Dabi district

The Vaal Dam provides a plentiful water supply to support the extensive production of maize, wheat and sunflowers throughout the region. Around Parys, tobacco, maize, sorghum and cattle are also farmed, while the land around Vredefort also supports peanut crops. Kroonstad is an important town for the regional agricultural economy, containing large grain elevators and railway marshalling yards. Wheat flourishes in the eastern parts of the Free State where between 650 000 and 740 000 tons are harvested every year.


Fezile Dabi District Municipality is a Category C municipality established in terms of the Free State Provincial Notice 113 of 28 September 2000. It was formerly known as the Northern Free State District Municipality and consists of four local municipalities: Moqhaka, Metsimaholo, Ngwathe and Mafube.

It is estimated that this area’s population represents approximately 17% of the total population of the Free State. The extent of this district makes up about 27% of the total area of the Free State province. The main attraction site, the Vredefort Dome, being the third-largest meteorite site in the world, is located within the district.

Towns: Cornelia, Deneysville, Edenville, Frankfort, Heilbron, Koppies, Kragbron, Kroonstad, Oranjeville, Parys, Renovaal, Sasolburg, Steynsrus, Tweeling, Vierfontein, Viljoenskroon, Villiers, Vredefort.

Main Economic Sectors: Trade (22%), community services (20%), manufacturing (13%), households (13%), agriculture (12%), finance (7%), construction (6%), transport (5%).

The area South of the Mighty Vaal River, embroidered by natural and man-made bilharzia-free water features surrounding hilly grasslands replete with maize farms and grazing livestock. Here you can challenge the white waters of this major river in a raft or canoe, or sail at a leisurely pace through the fertile, willow tree-lined valley with the Fish Eagle’s cry of Africa ringing in your ears.

This mighty river has been contained in what has come to be known as the Highveld’s inlands sea, the 300 square kilometres Vaal Dam. The dam basin consists of sediments of the Karoo Sequence in the Ecca Group club and is composed of shale, sandstone buildings throughout the District. These buildings tell the tales of elegance and grandeur from days gone by. This beautiful sandstone building can be found at Kroonstad, Frankfort, Heilbron and also history was made that Fezile Dabi’s Grave in Tumahole (Parys) is nominated for declaration as a Grade II site. The battle field at Vegkop (in Heilbron) and various battlefields in the Koppies and Kroonstad regions – where important battles were fought and events during Boer Wars in the District.

There is more on offer to the outdoor enthusiast with day and overnight hiking routes that vary from easy routes to rugged mountain rambles in the Vredefort Dome. Untouched rock art and ruins of settlements of people who lived in the area during the iron age are to be seen on these trails. Rock climbing and abseiling can also be arranged in the lunar landscape of the Vredefort Structure which was created some 2 000 million years ago when an enormously large body of rock struck the earth. The unique geographical features provide tailor made environments and exciting venues for conservancies and game reserves.

Fezile Dabi District

Mafube Local Municipality
Metsimaholo Local Municipality
Moqhaka Local Municipality
Ngwathe Local Municipality