The town of Clocolan is strategically placed on the R26. 36 km from Ficksburg on the R26.  Clocolan is located on the grasslands at the foot of the Hlohlowane Mountain.  Clocolan derives its name from  the newcomers‘ incorrect pronunciation of the Sotho word Hlohlowane‘ which means stand up and fight. The majestic Hlohlowane Mountain (1,820 metres above sea-level) dominates the town. Because of the need for a school, church and business facilities for people living in the area, Clocolan was established in 1906 and obtained municipal status in 1910.

It is part of the Conquered Territory, the region wrested from the Basotho during the Basotho Wars of the early 1800s. The area is rich in the history of both the Basotho who had lived there and the Afrikaners who settled there.

The climate is bracing, thanks to the mountain air, and the abundance of water in the area make it ideal for agriculture.

The district lies in one of South Africa‘s main sunflower-producing belts and is also one of the country‘s top wheat- and maize-producing districts. Much of the country‘s asparagus is farmed here. It is known, too, for its cherries and other fruit. It is also suited to cattle and sheep farming. The town is located next to the so-called Maloti Route‘ and 20 km from the Caledon River, which is the boundary with Lesotho. Clocolan hosts the annual Veteran Tractor Show, which attracts visitors from far and wide, in March.


Clocolan Tourism

The First Cherry Trees in SA

The first successful cherry trees were planted in South Africa in 1905 on the farm Platkop in the Clocolan district. This occurred after Harry Pickston had contacted German missionaries in South Africa with questions about growing cherries.
A year later five hectares of trees were brought to Clocolan to be planted on the farm. The varieties included Giant Heidelfinger, Bing, Early River, Early Red, and Elton. Clocolan Info Office: 051-9430291

Prynnsberg Heritage Home

This prestigious homestead, situated 5km north of Clocolan, is one of the historic architectural treasurers in the Eastern Free State.
The Prynnsberg estate was a testimony to the vision of Charles Newbury, who bought the farm in 1880. The estate remained in the family‘s possession until 1996. Sotheby‘s auctioned the contents of the house. Charles Newbury acquired his wealth from his directorship of the De Beers diamond consortium. Clocolan Info Office: 051-9430291

Highlands Essential Oils

The Highlands Essential Oils factory in Clocolan is only one of a handful in the world that produce valuable essences for the manufacture of French perfumes. In spring and summer one can see hectares of flowers and herbs that are specially grown for the extraction of the precious essences. The essences are then exported to France where they are sold.
Oils are extracted from flowers, herbs and common “khakibos” On the same farm freeze-drying of herbs has proven to be a new and profitable venture. Visit the farm an try your hand at making perfume. Courses are offered to teach you this art.

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Angora Rabbit Farm

The farm situated outside Clocolan where 500 Angora rabbits are plucked and local people create beautiful hand woven garments from their wool. Makoadi Farms is situated near Clocolan, in the Eastern Free State.

Angora hair is eight times warmer than pure wool and the only animal fibre that is comfortable to wear against the skin. All our products are 100% Angora rabbit hair. No artificial colouring is done. We only produce smaller fashion items, of which a full list can be found under the product list.

In summer, we do have organised tour groups, visiting the farm and receiving an informative session on how we create our products.

Tel: 051 943 0273

Ben Nevis Cherry Wine Farm

Ben Nevis is notable for being the only cherry wine-producing farm in the Eastern Free State. Here you can sample cherry wines and liqueurs in a beautiful setting. Wine produced here is still made in the traditional way and is a definite must for anyone visiting the area. In cherry season organised tours can be arranged. Cherry wine tastings are available all year round.


Visitors are welcome during the fruit season,  to come and see how fresh fruit and vegetables are packed. You can also purchase fruit at very reasonable prices. The cherry trees are in blossom from about 5 to 20 September and visitors to the farm will have the opportunity of strolling through the orchards and delighting in the breathtakingly beautiful sight of the trees covered in white blossoms. Cherries are ripe from about 20 October to the end of November. Plums are picked from the beginning of December, and peaches harvested until the end of January, after which vegetables such as courgettes, beans, etc are brought in.

Set in a tranquil, shady spot is a tea garden where delicious refreshments are served. Guests can enjoy a barbeque in the lapa and refresh themselves in the swimming pool filled with spring water. There is also a fully-licensed restaurant where meals for functions and lunches are served. Large groups can also be served. BenNevis also caters for weddings and the farm’s unique mountain chapel will make any wedding held there it a truly memorable occasion.

Ben Nevis is a paradise for birds, with large lawns and an established one-and-a-half-hectare garden. There is an excellent 18-hole golf course only eight kilometres from the farm, a dam for angling six kilometres away, as well as an interesting hiking trail twisting up the mountain.


There is a walking trail on the slopes and on top of the Clocolan Mountain. It takes more or less four hours to complete the 8 km-long circular route, which is moderately difficult. There is bushmen art to be seen along the way and also spectacular views of the Maloti Mountains. The surrounding areas can also be enjoyed on top of the mountain.
Magnificent sandstone rock formations are typical of this area and many indigenous trees can be seen on the way.


Ben Nevis is located at the foot of the Clocolan Mountain. This is in the Clocolan district of the Eastern Free State.


TEL. & FAX : 051 943 0031

CELL. : 072 205 7328

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